Doing a wee

Quite often use “going to the wee wee shop” as well


I’m going to empty my balls, where pee is stored


I like this

pee isn’t stored in the balls?

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piss/pee/slash interchangeably

Popping to the urination station.

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I get irrationality annoyed when the gf says “I need a wee”.

Didn’t ask m8

I’m off bog

I say “I’m going to do a piss”

I might start saying “I’m going to visit the rest room” or “I’m going to visit the little boy’s room”

This reminds me of a great bit in Spaced where Mike says he’s going “point the pink pistol at the porcelain firing range” and goes to the lavs.

He comes back out when Tim and Daisy are fighting the agent smith dudes, and he has a pink pistol:


Little touches like that made Spaced great.


Doing a wee is one of the most relaxing things you can do

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usually just whatsapp this to the vicinity


I’m off for a wee or I need a wee.

Consider this cross posted in things you have been slow to realise.

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my old boss used to say she was going for a jimmy when she went to the loo. in my head every time i thought “jimmy choo, poo”

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Fraid not, Bam!

I also have to admit I don’t entirely understand this meme

don’t worry the only meme I understand is the one with that group of lads and the one at the front is all smug and the dudes dancing around him are like “yeah that’s right!”

normally ‘need a piss’ or ‘going for a piss’ but if helping the kids or something then it’s ‘go for a wee’ or ‘need a wee’


need a wee

need a wee wees

ooo weee weee