Doing that thing on mobile where the cursor bounces all around the reply box again


Duet is officially disabled. Will let you know if the issue happens again.


Sad to report that it’s just happened to me replying to the morning thread AFTER disabling Duet. Tried to click on the pop up name after typing @xyz and instead I hit the list button. Tried again to make sure and the same thing happened.


Did think it was unlikely that it was Duet, since it wasn’t enabled in the first place, just set to “default” – which I think at this point means it’s disabled anyway.


No worries thanks for trying it out I’ll see if there’s any more recommendations on meta


Logged a new topic for it


Thanks @wewerewerewolvesonce!


@littlebirds @bluto @colinzealuk

Any specific steps you can give me to reproduce the error? No worries if not their devs have just requested some.


Not right now. Will keep trying though.


Got this again while replying to the selfie thread. It started happening when I was trying to tag someone.


Yeah. I think it’s something to do with the way you scroll on a topic setting up stuff in a particular way and then the pop up triggering the bug. Happening once or twice a week still for me, but it’s irregular enough that I forget to keep track of what I’m doing in case it happens again :frowning:


Happened again as I started to type a reply without interacting with anything else in the reply box. I had just reopened chrome at the bottom of the thread.