Doing the DiS bar crawl tonight

Start at the music board at 8, then down to the social board. Stop off at the classifieds and then finish off on the site feedback board.

Pint in all of them, obviously.


Watch out for the locals in the Feedback.

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Bet you don’t make it past Social. You’ll get gabbing with one of those blowhards and lose track of time.

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I’ll be in the lounge. No Hawaiian shirts in there, sorry Jordo


4 pints is enough for me these days anyway :sleepy:

Have a pint of Sweet Gorilla for me, m8.

2/3 with Beer Wankers?


I don’t think I can face any more wanker beer after Saturday

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Might be able to meet you for a swift half on the social board, but then I’ve got to hightail it over to the music board for a gig.


I hear Pitchfork is free entry and 2-4-1 on cocktails until midnight…

Might as well start recommending the Water Rats at this rate.