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Not one for the aeropress show offs this. Anyone use one? It’s quick and easy and cheapish and better than instant. However pods are £4.50 in mozzas now. Are there any cheaper compatible options? I see other brands nespresso compatible ones all the time but don’t think I’ve ever seen them for dolce gusto.

More like… Dolce Expensivo, amirite?

I know you mean well mate. But this kind of reply can sink a thread like this. Let’s think before we post yeah?


I’d say @Epimer 's reply was more… Dolce Guff-to!

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If you buy from Dolce Gusto site they are a bit cheaper…Often get something for free and all.

I like the choccocino chocolate from it.

Ah yes, my absolute favourite performance was probably Placido Domingo at the Royal Opera House, 1995

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Usually around the £4 mark or less in Sainbos.

I have a Nespresso machine (I know, I know) and lots of places to compatible pods but they’re not as good as the official ones. Think you just have to suck it up tbh.

how many ‘pods’ are you getting for your 4.50?

Got one. Do like the cappucino has to be said.

Stopped using it when finding out how bad pod coffee is for the environment, have to say.

Always used to get the pods in ASDA - used to get 3 boxes for £10 (£3.99 each normally) but not sure if they do that anymore.

is there no recycling for Dolce Gusto pods?

I’m not sure. Just assumed it was the same as Nespresso and bailed out of the whole thing.

In the US, EVERYONE has a Keurig machine. They’re ace, much better than Nespresso bullshit. They don’t have kettles though. Swings and roundabouts.

Actually just remembered my old man drives to BM Bargains to get his.

So yeah - drive to BM Bargains.

isn’t their typical coffee all just weird watery soil though like in dunkin donuts?

Decent drip coffee > Shitty espresso though.

A friend had a japanese penpal who said that my friend must have a lot of gusto because he played drums.