Domestic Grievances Thread


Come on. Let it out.

The return of the Friday Review!

She got a lemon tree for Christmas. For some reason it lives on the kitchen table. I am quite allergic to trees. I now cannot eat my breakfast without sneezing and wanting to scratch out my own eyes.


You can’t be allergic to trees.


One of my flatmates leaves plastic bags of her rubbish by the kitchen bin. There’s a rubbish chute about two doors down so she wouldn’t have to go all the way to the ground floor to drop it off, it’s incredibly infuriating. Me and flatmate #2 do just dump it for her maybe 4 or 5 times a week. Like who does she think is doing it? Classic case of


The prick test (don’t) I had done says otherwise.


just having temperature wars mainly. think the tv might be keeping pet lizards that i don’t know about.





She hangs up washing wrong.


Housemate got some dip bars for Christmas and has just set them up in the middle of the living room. Did ask if he was planning on moving them to his room at some point, or at least, like, to a corner, but no, they’ve been there for about 2 weeks.


She uses any pair of scissors for any task. We own two pairs – one kitchen, and the other household. I’ll walk in on her using the household scissors to trim chicken or something ffs


She hangs clothes to dry on the pull-up bar.
She uses the bed as a second desk and covers it with work stuff.

Mostly though, saying she’s ok with something when she’s clearly not.

(caveat that I fucking adore her and she’s absolutely brilliant)


Let’s not start the pizza scissor debate again because that ended horrible.

(but on that note, I think very different about my housemate after I saw her cutting pizza with scissors)


General getting in the way.

Like… if I can see she’s making a cup of tea I’m not going to stand around in the path between the kettle and the sink. I’d get in the way.

Those thought processes do not appear to occur to her.

Fully accept this one is probably me being weird though.


Leaves dirty dishes and cutlery either in the sink or on the side next to the dishwasher instead of putting them in the dishwasher

Uses the dining table as his desk when he only works from home once every few months, then justifies it by saying we don’t eat at the dining table (mainly because it’s got a ton of his old receipts on it fffsssggghg)


No, there’s definitely something in this.

Oh, sadpunk is doing the washing up, this would be the ideal time to fill the watering can so I can water the plants.




she is generally a total mess bag


My housemate doesn’t have the capicity for these things either.

I was microwaving something the other night, it had 20 seconds left maybe. She uses that bit of worktop right in front of the microwave to start taking apart the soda stream and changing the gas.

The microwave ends. She’s still doing her thing and i’m like ahhh can i



It’s like they don’t understand that life is one big efficiency puzzle or something. Infuriating.