Domestic habits that baffle you

Get this: 'er indoors, when peeling or chopping vegetables, will transfer the peelings (etc) from the chopping board to a piece of kitchen towel, then after the rest of the meal is done, transfer the peelings (etc) to the food bin.

This is absolutely baffling to me, because i) if you’re transferring them off the chopping board anyway why not put them straight into the bin? ii) it’s a pointless use of kitchen towel, and iii) most importantly, by the time she gets around to moving it all to the bin the kitchen towel has gotten wet from the residual peeling moisture and has next to no structural integrity, which turns a tiny, tiny chore into an actual massive arse ache. It’s literally insane.

I feel better for getting that out, thank you. Anything to add?

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well for one thing - i presume the distance between baord to kitchen to towel i less than board to bin

i would recommend she uses a bowl instead of kitchen towel tho

hope this helps

Eps, are you ok?

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Yes, by about two feet.

And a bowl just generates more washing up. I’m not made of dishwasher tablets, chris.

Not really, no.

I’ll keep you in my prayers during this difficult time.


my wife, and her sister, brother and parents if they’re staying at ours, all have a habit of leaving things next to the sink which they intend to be put in the bin at a later date

they have to pass by the bin in order to leave the items next to the sink

i fear there will be bloodshed over this one day


I either use a bowl or, ideally, the empty packaging of one of the ingredients being used in the meal


well thats why it goes to the kitchen paper

i really would strongly recommend the bowl technique

No jury in the land would convict you over this.


yes this is an excellent method

i actually usually use the compost bin, but if that is unavailable then you can’t go wrong with utilising some empty packaging

i’ve tried the whole “bring it up in a jovial way” type thing by asking if it’s genetic/against their religion etc

oh how we all laughed, yet no change

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Not a habit but A FUCKING RULE: all dairy products (except milk) must be kept in the top shelf of the door of the fridge - you know the really small ones. So we normally have a packet of butter, a big block of cheddar, and one or two of some feta, halloumi and cream cheese all crammed in to this tiny space. It’s the same in her Dad’s house so she thinks it’s normal, nay absolutely imperative that this remains the case.

why happens if you have a cheese and wine party?

Well, you tried.

RIP in-laws.

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Sounds like you plebs don’t use Regina Blitz. Your and its integrity would never be questioned.

Having a small bowl to put used teabags in, rather than just putting it straight into the bin

oh what you mean and we have loads of different left over cheeses? I’m not sure what would happen in this instance but I’m pretty sure it would annoy me.

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Well you wouldn’t want your dairy products touching your orange juice, would you.

(I don’t understand other people at all)

  • leaving dishes in the sink
  • not rinsing bowls that have had weetabix in, hence making them impossible to clean
  • not leaving dishes upside down so they can’t drip dry
  • leaving dishes for more than a day
  • eating breakfast on the hob (turned off) but leaving loads of sugar/weetabix dust/milk everywhere
  • having the heat on for 3 hours in a tiny apartment