Domestic reasoning

Two people live together. Let’s call them… Dr X and Dr Y. Dr X believes that kitchen items should be put away by function, e.g. group all baking things together, group all sauce-making things together. Dr Y believes that things should be put together by type, e.g. glass bowls go together, condiments go together.

EXAMPLES: under the Dr X system, cornflour goes with the gravy granules because they’re both used in sauces. Under the Dr Y system, cornflour goes with the other flours because it’s a flour.


  • The Dr X system (sorting by function) makes no sense
  • The Dr Y system (sorting by type) makes no sense
  • So the cops knew that internal affairs was setting them up?

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Hmm, a little from column X and a little from column Y for me…


Get off the fence, fence sitter!

I would be mostly with Dr. X, but with some flexibility to allow for efficient use of space which may be otherwise comprised by the strict application of that approach.

I’m erring towards Dr Y being the sensible option tbf to them.

Would it affect your decision at all if I revealed that I am Dr Y, obviously?

Of course not, I am a good and fair man.

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Tell me more about these glass bowls.


They both make sense, but you can’t have half measures on this - you need to pick a system and commit to it fully.


Who does?

Epimer and Dr Dr Epimer

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What’s it like living with Action Man’s nemesis?


I’m more of a Dr X (and that was an interesting sentence to type out). I have a shelf for baking things and let me assure you, the cornflour does not go in there.

You make sauce?

Dr Y is 100% correct but as that one’s obviously you I’ve voted against it.


Trying to remember where our cornflour is. Pretty sure it’s not with the flour.

Having said that, if I was to pick one, I would say that Doctor X’s system is the more logical and useful.

Actually now I think about it our gravy granules are in the same cupboard as the ordinary flour.

So I dunno.

I keep the grater in the fridge with the cheese


Do you keep your food colouring in the same cupboard as your cake candles? We do.