Don’t you hate it when people complain about what you do

yeah they walked into that tbf:

“i assure you my awareness of my lack of value is astronomical. that said, would you like to smoke a 50 with me”

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i mean obviously people have in the past done the ‘do you not think rare books should be in a museum’ opening gambit with me and (as with on this board) after a while tend to recalibrate their opinion under gentle scrutiny.

Part of the energy mix (good on you). But Godzilla. Hmmm… :wink:

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no i love it

I hate when you’re doing a customer facing job and they say something about the business is stupid and you know it’s stupid but you have to act like it’s not stupid because you’re being held prisoner to the minimum wage.


You should stop going to dinner parties with Indiana Jones


but the sheep eyeballs stews


Not really, because I’m not ever sure what I do is of any value anyway. It’s the armour of low self-esteem


Nah I think this poster is a much more spiritual being. If you will, a Ryan to Damascus moment.

Don’t think anyone could complain about what I do more than I do myself :man_shrugging:

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If @RyanDamaskrnb is Ryan Adams I would like to take this opportunity to tell him exactly how disgusted and disappointed I am in the man who was a huge part of my emotional life, my musical world, a foundation of mine and my wife’s marriage, a tie that bound me and numerous of my friends and a resonance I found comfort in through bad times and good, someone who I considered to hopefully be one of the good ones, who was then shown to be a sleaze, a dirtbag, a lowlife trash abuser and a waste of time, just another MAN reinforcing everything that women are rightfully scared of, worried about, and angry about through his shitty behaviour. That’s the message I would like to deliver if it was Ryan Adams.


I hate what I do, so it’s nice to meet people who share my disdain for my job.


anyone who complains about my job, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur FC, can go fuck themselves


I always wonder about people at work who appear to take themselves seriously and act like they are genuinely important (NB they are not.) Are they just better at pretending than me or do they really believe it?


A lot of people’s self esteem is quite tightly linked to their motion of their importance at work, imho.

I used to work in a call centre. It was fine, the pay was quite good for the amount of effort/stress involved, most of the customers were fine. It was OK.

Sometimes customers ringing in would be really apologetic, not just for taking up your time but like, apologising that you have to do something as awful as working in a call centre to make a living. Always found that immensely patronising. Like, I’m not an exploited minimum wage 0 hours worker here, I’m a trained professional earning not that much less than the national median salary for a fairly low-stress job.

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It hasn’t happened in this current job, kind of the opposite, people put it on a pedestal or have unrealistic expectations or prejudices

Can say that it also sucks to have to live up to or bring down people’s overinflated opinions of what you do

Oh yeah, i forgot you’re a rare book man! I received a book for my birthday i wish to move along to a new owner…i don’t know how rare it is but it’s just shy of 100 years old and there were only 350 copies of it so maybe fairly!? Think it was around £100 (now, not then :smiley: ). I have no idea where to start though. Would you mind me hitting you up in the old DMs for any tips?!

Yeah, as much as I find the tone of some of the replies to @RyanDamaskrnb’s threads a bit off (don’t worry, not yours mate) considering it’s a new user and intense discussion recently about DiS being a more welcoming forum, I also want to use this thread in seconding the pure emotion that Ryan Adams is a complete waste of space. So sorry to hear about this unfortunate history and the sense of hurt and betrayal, I myself have had musicians who were heroes in my teens and turned out to be disgusting people. Glad you could put that into words as it can’t be easy - we’re all here and happy to help if you need to talk about this further.

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