Donate to help me record my first EP

Hey ya’ll. My name is Reatha Pitman and I am a budding artist out of Gulfport/Biloxi, MS. I am preparing to travel to Nashville to record my first EP and would really appreciate some assistance. I have created a crowdfunding page at Please help by donating, even if its just $5.00. I am active duty Navy and just do not have the funds and I just started my band so we have not played any gigs yet to raise money. I am doing a raffle here locally to help raise funds as well. Please donate and help me reach my dreams. I would appreciate your donations more than you know. This has been a crazy adventure and I’m so excited to be on this journey. You can find more information on my webpage which also has a link to all my social media sites including my facebook page.

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Yes. A few times

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Hmm, going round with a begging bowl to a bunch of strangers on a site you’ve only just registered at and a community you’ve had and have no interest in being involved in to fund your hobby for no return is a pretty odd thing.

I’m sure millions of people (and plenty on this site) would love an all expenses paid trip to Nashville and professionally recorded/mixed/mastered EP. I can’t believe many/any people are going to fund you this way.

If this is genuine, my advice would be to pick up some recording software for next to nothing, learn about home production and record it yourself. Plenty of people do it on here with excellent results.