Done anything "at the behest of" someone recently?


Post about recent examples of things that have been done “at the behest” in this thread.


have had to unnecessarily rush a web dev about something at the behest of a committee today.


I get daily lunchtime errands at the behest of my wife*. Hence the returns debacle. Got to look in Spenos today.

*Despite her working in the middle of a bustling town and me in a shitty industrial estate.


“You’re simply the behest”
“Is someone getting the behest, the behest, the behest, the behest of you”


if you’re really good pals with someone who orders you around they could be your behestie


Now this I like!


“It was the behest of times. It was the beworst of times.”


Lovely stuff, thanks for contributing to the discussion Fapsinho


No but I may go to Behestival next year.


what if there was an eating establishment where they asked you to fetch something for them before they served you. they would be

a behestaurant


Which chef is always asking you to do things for him?

Beheston Blumenthal




What if Beheston Blumenthal worked at a behestaurant!




if you were at a major sports entertainment show and vincent kennedy mcmahon kept asking you to do things for him, that show might be behestlemania




What about that big open-world game studio that develops games in which a large gameplay component is fetching things or ‘fetch-quests’ at the behest of NPCs (non-playable characters)…

That’s right, it’s Behesthesda


Went walking in the hills in Cornwall the other week. Was ruined by a cat like creature who kept asking me to do things for it. The Behest of Bodmin Moor.


Michael Behesteltine


Of you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my behest