Done anything lately?

Talk about “things” you’ve “done” in the last 10-12 days in this thread.

Went to a soccer game last night

I love going to soccer games!

Then you’d love what I did last night

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Pissed in a bush
Had a moustache


Pfft, I’ve been to 3 of those in the last 10-12 days

Haven’t been watching a soccer game, that’s for sure!

I have!

Went to Hebden, went to Todmorden, saw Mary Lattimore, went to Sylvia Plath’s grave, went to Birmingham, sat in the garden, went to Liverpool, went to the Tate, made a doll, made a blanket, but most of all, i ate noodles.


That’s LOADS of things!

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My fallow period starts now

Yeah, not doing something counts as doing something IMO. Thank you for contributing.

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I went to a music festival in Barcelona. I also did some wees and poos.


That’s weird, I laughed in a bush and pissed on a moustache!

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I did one of those three things.

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You always say that!


Ah, the big three

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I went to a music festival near Tilburg. I also did some wees and poos.

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Any good?

Pls retract Mary Lattimore from this. That was 11 days ago.

Yeah, not bad. Bit anxious at the beginning what with all the people, but turned out nice. hbu?