Done anything "on the down low" lately?

Please talk about anything and everything you have done “on the down low” in the last 10-12 days in this thread

Yes but if I say it won’t be on the down low anymore


I was told a secret last night that I am currently keeping “on the down low”

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It would be “on the up high”

You said (wrote) it!

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I last did something on the down low 13 days ago so nothing to add here sorry.

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I had a secret meeting with someone about some business that nobody else is allowed to know about yet, if that counts?

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Of course it does!

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Thank you for respecting the sanctity of this thread

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Got my slow cooker down low today.

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i’m always up to stuff on the down low

Popped it on the floor?

In the cellar

In a house that is at the bottom of a hill in an already low-altitude area

Exactly. The dictionary definition of on the down low

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I am aware that it sounds like I may have made this up to appear mysterious and interesting but it is in fact true!

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tried to look at a menu and i had to down low a pdf

was quite annoying if i’m being honest

I’m fine with people making stuff up in threads regardless really. I was going on about sitting on the checkout belt in lieu of a checkout divider the other day. Utter nonsense which added nothing to that, or any other discussion.


No, this is one of your rare misses

Only on the across along recently, sorry

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