Donnerstag den 20. Juli


So close to the weekend aren’t we, I keep catching the faint whiff of Saturday morning’s sweet aroma on the morning breeze, alas her warm embrace remains far away.

Very little to do today. Early finish, swimming with the offspring (my fly’s pretty, um, fly, for a white guy) and then bed.

Had a beard trim last night and am somewhere between Lenin and Edward VII. Not sure they would have been the happiest of bedfellows had they ever crossed The Mall at the same time.

Right. Enough of me. Tell us all about U.


Good morning he_2! Sounds like a decent day ahead of you. Always nice to have a well trimmed beard too.

I’ve just been woken up by the sun so I’m going to get a few things done around the house before breakfast. Will be applying for more jobs today and finishing an album review. Have to sit down later with my diary and budget out the next two months as well.

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Got the world’s longest to-do list and a gazillion emails to respond to after three days of meetings :neutral_face: Also desperately need to do some exercise.

WFH, need to send 1 e-mail. On holiday tomorrow.


It’s only the 20th. Wedding Anniversary here so off out to see The Tempest after work. Looking forward to it- wish I was spending the whole day with my wife though. Work’s a pain in the arse.


dreamt about Matt Baker

Morning all,

Been trying to get in as early as possible for ages and failing badly. But today I almost made it, got in at 7.15.

Had a voice mail of my current letting agent yesterday. So hopefully might be able to have a more accurate move out date.

Need to buy some stamps. Still quite warm out.

Probably get away to catch the end of the cycling

Having an iced coffee. Gonna head to work shortly.

Nothing else to report.

Also had a bit of chest pain when I woke up :worried: it’s gone now though.

Ah, FFS!

You’re right.

I never was any good with dates & stuff.

Happy Anniversary! How many years? Hope you both have a lovely evening. Going to see The Tempest sounds pretty awesome.

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“working” “from” “home” today, so that’s good. Will mostly be thinking about what nice food I can make for lunch.

Not much happening at the moment. I’m fine with that.

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Did you go to Daniel Kitson in the end?

Any good?


Thanks :grinning: we’ve been married nine years but together for 18. No idea where all those years have gone!


That is so awesome! Many congratulations! I wish you many more years of happiness together :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’d be lost without her.

Enjoy your swim later - been years since I swam. Quite fancy it.

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Going to be trying to work out how to mix and master today, will be needing plenty of coffee.

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Had one too many Jazz sways last night and feel a tad ropey. Need food.

Lovely stuff hanging out with ezzer, ruff-dog, marsbonfire and DiS’ own Tito Puente. Great bunch o’ jazz lads.


Had a pretty savage haircut yesterday which was great. Lots to do today though so need to really knuckle down. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Going to go to the Photography Museum after work I think.

severely disappointed by the lack of videos in that thread.