Donnerstag tut voll weh

please name and shame so I can avoid it


picked up bike last night


arguments :fearful:

I don’t know how I’m meant to feel about this / I don’t feel adult enough:

tomorrow I will own a flat

In summary:



It was NEW COFFEE DAY for me this morning. Still didn’t cheer me up.

Fuck off, everything.

how is this possible?

I think it’s only natural for the arguments innit, massive life change and all. Just think of it as a big shed to store all of your collective bikes.


I don’t know anything about anything any more.

I feel awful. Maybe the large glass of 50% bourbon I had after coming back from the pub and not having much dinner has anything to do with it.

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You can buy that bag in the tourist shops in Austria (I think it’s the Australian Kangaroo sign with a line through it or something).

None of us do, pniks. Parents, homeowners, line managers, others in positions of adult responsibility: we’re all just winging it, really.


Hey! I weighed my water and coffee and tried to do the wetting thing before the full pour this morning. It definitely tasted a good coffee, actually. Obviously I don’t use a V60 because they’re environmentally unsound compared to my plastic reusable one.


one of my ATDs is currently studying in Vienna, and every time we talk about it I cant help singing the bit from the Ultravox song.

be glad that none of you hang out with me IRL.

It’s right up in Enfield so I don’t think you’ll be going there.

My bf got his bike services there and came back being pretty miffed as the guy is only interested in someone coming in off the street and buying like a £2k bike. SO DONT HAVE A COFFEE SHOP IN THERE TOO GUYS.

Hey Em! Morning everyone :slight_smile:

Loving your photos, everything looks so pretty, especially under a layer of snow. I might be venturing to Vienna in May, so I hope you share some photos from your trips there too!

I had horrendous and extremely vivid dreams last night so woke up feeling awful and decided some toast with honey and a cup of tea would be comforting. Toast was mouldy wasn’t it? Bah. Oh well.

@Epimer, I’m still waiting on my giant bag of coffee to arrive. I’m guessing you went with Rave? What did you go for? I went with the Papua New Guinea Kunjin.

My bf and I both had a full on paddy last night about being adults because we didn’t want to clean up the kitchen as we were tired but we had to because we’re fucking adults. nnrrrrrggghh.

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I kind of think that the start of adulthood really is just this realisation, innit. When I was a kid I thought my parents and all adults had shit sorted out, knew what they were doing, knew what was going on…then suddenly it hits you like a tonne of bricks that everyone is just making up as they go along and we’re all just big kids really.

about to make a V60

think I’m going to go full wanker and get the scales out


Yeah exactly this. I got quite massively patronised by my wife’s American friend a couple of months ago. She kept asking what my passions were and what I wanted to do with my life and I was like ‘lol dunno just bumbling along’.

Hers was to start a business where you invite people into a room and give them sledgehammers so they could smash stuff up, old washing machines, that kind of shit, and really let their anger out. She looked genuinely crestfallen when I showed her a video of people doing the very same thing 3 years ago.

She learned a valuable lesson that day; never try.


Hey everyone

Day 3 of illness

WFH (had a full sick day yesterday)

Currently waging war with one of my cats cat who seems to be full reverting to shitting inside (I do not want to go back to using litter trays)
She scratched my hand this morning when I was putting her out in the garden after her breakfast (to encourage her to go outside like she used to)
She is currently sitting on me while I type this, so I guess we are friends again

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:smiley: amazing. Also kind of amazing that she is pressing you on your passions when hers is just to let people smash old shit up in a room.

(as excellent as that idea is)