Don't be jealous

Its no fun

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Don’t be jealous
Be zealous!

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Don’t let me catch you being overzealous either though!

I’m insanely lucky

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I’m luckily insane

Probs the worst UK nightclub chain, and I’ve been to an oceana!

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I got to be alive!
Even luckier I got to be a human!
Even luckier I got to be born in a time with electricity and running water and good knowledge of medicine!
Even luckier I got to be born into a rich country and have never experienced war
Obviously I am very lucky to have been white and male and feel comfortable in my sexuality and not experience any prejudice (I don’t want to say luckier because I don’t want to imply that it’s better to be white and male only that I have a position of extreme privilege relative to human history)

Enjoying imagining what you could do with someone else’s position or influence is fun sometimes.

All the oceanas have become PRYZMS

A rose by any other name…


even if the whole planet dies it’s been a huge privilege to experience so many rich and fascinating emotions


Trying to think of other nightclub chains now.

Is jumping Jack’s one? Never seen one

sometimes i like to fantasise about winning the lottery and then giving all of the money away and how angry this will make my family

There was one near me called Life where someone got killed :frowning:

I snogged someone on a uni bar crawl in oceana in Bristol and I was merely a 6th former. What a night!

really proud my little thread has brought you back this happy memory :slight_smile:

All right, the four seasons

I worked in Watford oceana for a bit and it was not fun

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everybody wants your sex tho bam

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I don’t know about that but most people I interact with these days are happy to be friends with me which is really great actually :heart: