don't hear much about Amoy these days

Straight to wok with Amoy.


What happened with the murder he was supposed to have committed in the 80s?


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is this a reference to CJ from Eggheads?

Imagine admitting to murder in your autobiography…and he is supposed to be clever!

the whole thing seems a very sad story


I work with a school based in Amoy (more commonly known as Xiamen) so I actually hear about Amoy quite a lot.

It’s a pretty great city TBF. Loads of history. Was one of the major British ports in China in the 19th (?) century.


lovely stuff!

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not gonna ask what you mean in case this is an updog situation

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it’s a brand of noodles I think and they used to have an advert that went “straight to wok with amoy!”

that’s it.



Amoy-moy meesa your humble servant now


convinced their dark soy sauce tastes a lot worse than it used to

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soy sauce just tastes of salt to me so I don’t think there’s any way I could tell

Bought some straight to wok Singapore noodles the other day as it happens.

I still use them sometimes, the sauce packets as well.

My soy sauce might be theirs too actually. Thanks, Amoy!

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Yeah, sweeter maybe? The thing I notice the most is a horrible aftertaste that clings to the roof of my mouth for hours afterwards. Not pleasant :frowning: