Don't hear much about Vaping these days do you

Did it just become one of those things from the 2010s like Dubstep?

Seems every new shop now is a vaping one

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guess I haven’t been around town much so could be chatting shit

They also all seem to shut down within 3 months tbf


Clothes shop > Vaping shop > Charity shop ??? > Profit

remember when everyone used to pretend to be angry about vapers

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American Candy shop

dunno how I formatted it like that

Was thinking it’s weird how nearly all vape shops also specialise in phone repair, fireworks and fizzy drinks otherwise only sold in the U.S.

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tried it for a bit but the nicotine level i had was too high and i felt on edge all day. Did the sensible thing and went back to roll ups.

but anyway, in answer to your question…a fair amount still? Just today there was some brief chat in another thread. Wakey wakey!

Much like dubstep though it did become a victim of its own hype.

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Nothing like walking through a plume of butterscotch vape smoke when you’re feeling delicate :nauseated_face:

Feel like troubled characters are always vaping on TV now. Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown for example is always on one.

A few of the vaping shops near me have moved onto Covid masks now.

Arguably one of the most important inventions of recent times. Will save millions of lives. Not mine, I still smoke but eh, you can’t reach them all?


I was on the BBC talking about vaping a couple of weeks ago. It’s alright I suppose.

I do it, it’s better and cheaper than smoking. Keep wanting to stop just because why am I inhaling flavoured air, but then I try and I remember nicotine and oh fuck life is so stressful anyway, why would I take away something that momentarily makes me feel a bit better (obviously the answer is my health, that’s the answer).

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