"Don't Leave Venice Without Trying These 10 Dishes"

Is that a threat, cunt?


Get out of Venice, stay out of Venice

Is it bad to laugh at those stories where a tourist sits down al fresco in St Mark’s square and has a glass and plate of food and is charged €1,000


FAO: people who have been to Venice

  • It’s too touristy
  • It’s fine

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Caveat: the most recent visit was in March 2017, i.e. before the proper tourist season starts. Had a fab time, obviously.

I’ve been there twice in the spring (Feb?) for work conferences and it’s a great time of year to go (as Hoogy says). It’s before main tourist season and Venice is a great place to explore and very quickly to find all these hidden gems tucked away. Food is great but you don’t get amazing pizza compared to other places in Italy - I think wood pizza ovens are banned.

The lido is nice and a short vaporetto ride away.

I’m going to Treviso for a weekend in May, will go to Venice for the day. It’ll probably be rammed by then, right?

You must visit the old town

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Went first week in jan a few years back. We fluked beautiful weather and stayed in a hotel that I note costs E650 a night in spring. Was magic, one of my favourite ever holidays.

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