Don't like skiing. Not interested in going to Canada

Swing and a miss!

yeah, skiing is one of those things I also don’t see the appeal in. what do YOU think?

choose up to two options

  • I like the idea of it, but have not done it so far
  • I’m well into it. I dream about skiing sometimes
  • hmm. this is not for me
  • this isn’t something that a human should really be doing
  • looks dangerous
  • I don’t have the required knee cartilage for such a pursuit
  • never thought about it. will continue to not think about it
  • graham bell
  • some other words

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Haven’t the advertisers been told @elthamsmateowen is more a snowboarding man.

Whistler is fucking great tbh tbf

The skiing’s good. Wasn’t so fussed about the town itself though - felt a bit like a toy village to me, especially after dark.

Yeah but Whistler is basically all about the mountain. It’s basically the Disneyland of winter sports. Most places are pretty you village if you stay at the actual resort too.

We went just before the Winter Olympics, when they had a bobsleigh test event, and a test event on the downhill run. Great stuff.