Don't Look Up

First time in a long time I settled down last night to watch a film.

Won’t be bothering again, cheers.


Did you get that it was really about climate change. The satire is quite nuanced and you might not have got it


ffs going to have to rewatch it now


Little Easter egg the president is a pastiche of Donald trump despite being a woman.
Another one is the singer is actual singer arianna grande

Quite liked it when she told him to fuck off.

In fact there were lots of bit I did like:

Leo and Jennifer were both solid.
Cate Blanchett was fantastic and almost unrecognisable at first.
Thought Timmy Chalamet was quite funny.
Jonah Hill got a couple of laughs.
Mark Rylance was quite creepy.


Mark Rylance overdid it
Streep barely phoned it in
The whole Ron Perlman bit
The fact it kept making me think of Bart’s Comet (this is both good and bad I guess)
Every time it cut to scenes from the world of life being beautiful
The whole ending, especially the post credits bit.

Just felt really undercooked and not thought through, it wasn’t a hard-nosed satire or a disaster film or a comedy, it was just a bit of a mess. I think Adam McKay’s made some good films, this wasn’t one.

How unusual

I noticed the other day he’s no longer voicing Flop on Bing Bunny, had a minor argument with my wife over whether it’s because he wanted out or because the studio wanted to replace him with a cheaper soundalike.

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I thought it was James Franco aged up for most of the film which confirms this

I can see that actually.

Heart in the right place but deeply unfunny and subpar from most of the actors


Liked the serious or at least dramatic stuff a lot more than the comedy. Thought most of the cast were having fun which was nice to see, though I hated Jonah in this

Actually found the (proper, non nudist) ending pretty affecting and moving, think they nailed that chunk of the film

Was as unsubtle as they come but don’t think it was necessarily all that smug in the end

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Find it quite weird that Mark Rylance has played such a similar character in this and Ready Player One. Just obviously loves goofing of for a big Hollywood pay day. Secure the bag Mark.

Do you think he left Bing voluntarily or was he pushed


Big Bing strikes again

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Only just realised the “cheaper soundalike” is David Threfall!

Read that initially as David Thewlis. Imagine that.

(My niece loves Bing. I did not know what it was before I was forced to watch about six episodes in a row. It’s a Bing Thing.)


Haven’t seen this yet but from the trailer it seemed to be Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence talking only in IDLES lyrics

Most parents say they hate Bing, I think it is “fine”. I do enjoy the questions about what Flop is though, why are all the “adults” smaller than the children?

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At one point I thought there was an Idles song but I looked it up and it was slowthai


My takeaway was that it was 100% a social experiment being conducted by a government, locking all the children away in a Truman Show-esque would to be raised by government drones in the correct fashion.