Don't make me do the Tuesday/Valentine's Day thread


How we doing?

I stuck to my guns and didn’t get anything. She got me a card and some nice coffee, so I’m officially history’s greatest monster.

Fuck off Tuesday.


Fuck off Tuesday, fuck off Valentine’s day.


Also a new (Scottish) colleague overheard my (Scottish) accent and thought I was from the east coast. I’ve never been more insulted in my life.

Fuck off Tuesday.


i jokingly said happy valentine’s day, so that’s me sorted. still ill, got fuck all to do today. hohum.


Happy Valentine’s Eppo.


Morning Epimer + co

Husband bought me some £2 carnations from an Asda petrol station when we went to get milk on Saturday. He knows I hate Valentine’s day so it was his idea of winding me up. Did one over on me there didn’t he!


Morning eps, e4, saps, others. Had an excellent time at Tegan and Sara last night. Great set, great audience, just a really fun gig.

We only get each other a card on VD. Neither of us has written ours yet so we’re equally bad :slight_smile:



holy shit man, i feel for you Eps. Your colleague is clearly an absolute c**t


Mornin all,

Tis a nice morn in glasgow.
I got her nothing and she got me nothing, although i did nutmeg her in the hall this morn. Not a euphemism


From Hamilton as well! Just down the road!



shrugs shoulders and walks away whistling

Happy Tuesday everyone!


hello beautifuls


fuck sakes



My colleague wished me a happy Valentine’s Day this morning. In a friendly way, rather than a Valentiney way. I’m not sure colleagues wishing each other happy Valentine’s Day is something I agree with.



Feeling pretty cba as per. A bit bored of Mon-Fri 9-5 sitting around doing fuck all for large portions of the day again at the moment.

No Valentine’s day shit to report. It’s just shit for morons, innit.


I think your colleague wants to see you in the stationery cupboard



no she doesn’t


Card, flowers, made 'er this