Don't make me start the Monday thread Monday thread


3 hours sleep. Fuck the patriots.


This can be sport related or a call to arms depending on personal preference


Don’t make me start the Monday thread Monday thread

turns treble down gradually

Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread Monday thread


Feel fine


I had a cold and then I got over a cold, and heaven knows i’m miserable now. At the same time the TV got a cold, which I’ve now caught. Hurry up, spring. :frowning:


Went dancing to Tim Sweeney and Francois K last night. Was mint. Tired now.


eating a fried egg sandwich, drinking coffee, watching frasier. i got this,


Tired, so very tired. Watched The Past on BBC4 last night, no better time for a French existential kitchen sink drama than 10pm on a Sunday night.


Somebody left what I assume was a shitty note on my car this morning, but it was frozen to the windscreen so I don’t really know what the deal was. I could see “I COULDN’T USE MY DRIVEWAY BECAUSE OF YOUR PARKING!”, but my rear bumper was clear of the dropped kerb, so fuck 'em. It looked like there was a lot of densely written text on both sides of it, so I’m sad I’m never going to get to read all the reasons why this nutbar thinks I’m an awful human being.


Saturday I did really, really well at a penoid card game tournament, but dropped from the finals to meet a top all time dog in the pub.

Sunday I was a bit hungover and ate far, far too much food.


Excellent, very boozy weekend. Played 2 gigs - 1 very odd and 1 very excellent with my brilliant band, sold a shit ton of merch. Had a roast dinner. Would weekend again.


I was going to flip the bird at the Ibis (no ornithological pun intended) this morning and take a photo of myself doing so, but I didn’t get round to it.

Solid nine hours’ sleep last night. Groggy.


4hours sleep, day off but stupid brain doesn’t want me to sleep in.
Nap later. Watch a few films, tidy up, left over pizza and crisps.


should do something productive today, should apply for some jobs. will probably play video games and watch twin peaks.


Hello! Eating a large bowl of pineapple and feeling very much like I can’t be arsed with today :rage::pineapple:


I baked a wheaten on saturday, first one ever!


the first wheaten in the history of humanity that is


Think I’m going to do another run through before the new series starts. Is James’ song still the best worst thing in a TV show ever?


yep absolutely, but i tend to just stick it on in the background and only pay attention to the good bits. i could do without the andrew packhard/thomas eckhardt thing tbh.


Was very cold this morning. The frost on the outside of the car was very pretty

The inside was also frozen again, so had to sit there with the air con blasting for 10 mins before I went anywherw - never had this issue with any other cars, but the wife’s always does it too… must be an Italian car thing :confused:
Traffic was shit. Left my water bottle at home and there are no cups for the water machine.

Happy fucking Monday


My Seat does this too, if it’s cold enough. It’s really annoying.