Don't make me start the Monday thread

OK, I’m doing it

I hope you’re very happy

Please tell me about your days.

I am in the mood to quit work and go and find an abandoned hut somewhere to move into. Can anyone fund this pls? :pray:



Had a lovely chilled weekend and then got an email from my client at 10pm last night asking me to do loads of work today that they have not mentioned before nor agreed to pay me for. It’s on a job they decided not to give me but instead to someone else, which they now want my feedback on. So I slept really badly because I was angry and need to write a long email first thing which I’ll find hard because I’m so sleepy.

However, in balance, here’s the view from my window right now, featuring swans.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Alright? Going to go and sell some beer shortly. Think I’ve got next week off but need to confirm today. Could really go a massive fry up right now.

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Today I need to apply for an internal job that I absolutely do not want and then do a really big piece of work that I have absolutely no motivation for, so I’ll probably be spending all day on here.

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Back to work since before Xmas. And double work for next 3 days. The feels are very very bad. Gonna spend first 30 mins looking at my annual leave calendar, as is the way.

Just wait until the coffee kicks in…


Morning all!

I got loads of sleep last night but still feel exhausted this morning - I’m probably a bit ill (cold, not covid) and a bit seasonally depressed if anything.

We started the day with an appalling tantrum over whether The Child could go to nursery dressed as a power ranger The answer was no but mainly because the outfit is a bit too small and she can’t get out of it to use the toilet which ended with me being replaced by Wor Lass in the second half.

The morning will only get better from here but not if you’re my class this morning because the thing you’re working on this morning is poor even by my shonky standards.

Two thumbs up for January!


Morning all :wave:

Currently working on a summary statement for a funding bid. The deadline isn’t til the end of next month but I need to get it done early, before I start working on my handover. Because of school/uni deadlines, I find it so difficult to work on something unless I know the deadline is imminent, so I’m just having to pretend that the deadline is midday in order to get some sense of urgency.

Obviously that’s why I’m on here.

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About to go for a bikecycle ride.

Need to clean/tidy the bathroom up and fill some holes in the walls when I get back because it’s getting painted tomorrow.

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I have no coffee! I repeat, I am out of coffee

Bragazzis is shut on Mondays ffs!


Bah - someone, somehow (would involve climbing through multiple gardens at multiple levels) got into my back garden last night and nicked my daughters mountain bike. It was the only bike in an unlocked shed. They left the locked shed with 4x more valuable bikes in, thank fuck , but I thought I was safe thanks to the inaccessibility. Gonna start locking all the bikes together with a big motorbike chain that I’ve got

Oh well, silver lining. My daughters not ridden the bike since early covid times, I want to get rid of the shed it was in anyway and I didn’t know what to do with the bike

Will try and apply for some jobs today and have D&D tonight

This is my first 5 day week since the last week of October. :grimacing: But I’m off next week so :nail_care:


Morning, had a huge sense of dread coming into this week. :frowning:

Did a 4K run this morning, so that’s all good. Got my first full week of condensed hours (working 5 days in 4 for a month) and I’m not looking forward to it at all, but financially, I need to do it.

What a shit :angry:

That almost happened in the daytime about a year after we moved in here - some kids had jumped over the wall from next door (their back wall is much lower than ours) and had grabbed my bike. Fortunately I saw them in the garden as they were trying to pass my bike over the wall, and when I shouted they legged it and I didn’t lose my bike. This is exactly why I don’t want to get myself a nicer bike :confused:

Team Dread solidarity.

I am so anxious today with work and personal stuff too. Going to do another angry workout at lunch and see if I that helps anything :muscle:

Hope your dread vanishes and your day turns out absolutely lovely :blush:


I’m on a train on my way to 1st day at new job, which bizarrely enough I’m very excited about. Doing something that’s a big step up from my last job and that actually draws on my skills and interests!

Truly, new year new me. Solo train journey also means the good headphones clamped on the whole way, niiice


Morning all. Had an extra special birthday breakfast of a bagel and coffee. Suspect there wont be much for me to do at work today so no real dread. Should probably use the time to look for more work. Hmmm.


Mrs having a stressful time of it so got up early to make us scrambled eggs feat manchego and sriracha with some good coffee too.

Gonna be a shithouse week of deadlines and hard work BUT we can at least get breakfast right :slight_smile:

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