Don't see any goths about much anymore


have they either just stopped being goths, gone somewhere else, or turned into something new my old man’s brain has not considered?

Alternatively are any of YOU goths?


None more goth.


once went to see Gay For Johnny Depp in a pub in Leeds and throughout there were two proper goths just stood there arms folded. Liked them


bree as, xylo.

bree as.


Things I associate with goths:

Marilyn Manson
those bracelets / choker things with spikes on
really big boots
chains and straps everywhere
wearing black



that’s what you need isn’t it? they just sort of legitimise a scene, do goths


The answer to this Xylo is that you’ve moved to the sticks tbh tbf…

That said, if, like me, you’d recently been to both Frightfest and to see The Sisters Of mercy live then you mike believe that gothism was in rude (or actually pale faced) health :+1:


i mean i was in centralish london for years but it was, tbf, not a goth area. i should go back to Loughborough


I’ve driven through Loughborough once in my life and never stopped - however, with its PE credentials it strikes me as the ideal location for this…


woah health goths are awesome


Read an piece (can’t remember where now) about how there are no real subcultures any more and all of those ‘scenes’ have become homogenised. All young people basically dress the same now, or is that just something that everyone thinks when you reach your mid 30s?



poorly applied black makeup


i am only just starting to dress in caps and hoodies as a ‘look’, so i have no idea what the fuck anything is any more


My sister went out with a goth lad in her teens who turned out to be gay, she text me last night to say he’d died recently. Very sad.


Nope, I tried quite hard to look like one at one point but I looked like a twat.

I have friends who dress up and go to that Whitby goth fest :smiley: I look forward to their contribution every year, their outfits are all kinds of fun.


I was wondering if this was the case. I’ve been meaning to go back to Glasgow Art School Union and see if there’s still the different niche groups hanging around at different points on the staircase. I never did find out what the folk in padded gilets and trucker caps were called…?


that is very sad. :frowning:



(i woulda said YFA but they wouldn’t wear trucker caps)


I bet I knew some of them.