Don't see so many

Red ants about these days do you?
Or do you?

don’t hear much from adam ant either
or do you?

Adam and the bants

Saw a sand lizard today. I shit you not.

What, lkke the psammiad?

Never seen them in the UK. We get the little black ones all over the garden though.

Anyone know when flying ant day is this year?

Think he’s lost his licence.


We have loads on the field at school

Children and red ants are a great mix let me tell you

ANT: Hello welcome to Britain’s Got Talent

DEC: We’re in Birmingham, and just look at the crowds outside!

ANT: Yes Dec the proletariat have truly gathered in collective action to seize control over the means of production



They used to be common though. I remember there were tonnes in my primary school playground. You’d forever get bitten if you sat in the wrong spot. And they were common all over gardens. It’s weird they all went.

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May the flying ant be with you!

Im sitting in my work garden. Keep on seeing red ants walking over me. Im sure me calves are gonna be reet itchy later