Don't Tell the Bride (what's your current guilty pleasure?)


Can’t get enough of it. Morons fucking stuff up constantly. Last month a bloke did a pig wedding. Pig parade. The mrs couldn’t even look at him down the aisle. love it

what’s yer guilty tv of late?


Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Just weaves and beeves mostly.


obligatory ‘there’s no such thing as guilty pleasures!’ post

when’s first dates hotel back on?


All my tv could be classed as a guilty pleasure. Been enjoying a Coach Trip recently.


How’s It Made, or How Do They Do That, or How’d That Get Done, or whatever it’s called.

Can binge watch that for hours.


Been watching a bit of Grace and Frankie. Jane Fonda is atrocious in it, and it’s all a bit… shit.

Might watch another one tonight.



Most shocking!
The sub headings for each episode completely do me


woah there buddy, hand’s gotten a little low


popcorn. can’t get enough of it atm.


was watching some Jersey shore videos on youtube.
There was a reunion one in a burger king sponsored by burger King with everyone eating burger king and wearing burger kings hats.
Amazing comment below saying “Looks like the situation has had a little situation with his diet” :joy:


This is one example of a reality show that really fucking does my head in for some reason when I’m ordinarily able to buy into them for what they are.

Fucking drives me nuts every time you see some “poor bride” in tears because some prick has fucked up the dress or whatever and you’re supposed to be sympathetic? DON’T GO ON THE FUCKING SHOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO RUN THE RISK OF NOT LIKING YOUR DRESS/VENUE/CAR OR WHATEVER YOU CLOWNS!!!


easy now.


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erm. bit tricky this one ant coz i suspect the socioeconomic situation of 90% of the couples is such that they’re basically in need of the cash, and are very probably sold the whole concept by an intern lurking around the registry offices.


i’m kidding of course - they’re all total morons <3


Yep I’m a big fan of DTTB as well. My favourite was the guy who got some bird of prey to fly the ring down the aisle. Completely forgot that the bride was shit scared of birds!

Repeats of old Grand Designs are a nice treat, and I also really like DIY SOS


Ok, just tell the other one what not to do before they start filming in that case


Been watching Friends to zone out after work. It’s pretty shocking how homophobic and transphobic it gets, especially in the later years when they run out of other jokes. Dunno if it counts as a guilty pleasure as I’m just hate-watching it now. I’m on season 9 so I feel like I have to finish it.


no therein lies the rub - they basically pounce on a couple just as they’ve registered and go: 14k right now, but no talking at all from here on in, i reckon