Don't update your Mac OSX without setting the root password




“Just work” do they :rofl: :joy:


I updated to the beta a few months ago and it turned into a slug. No offence to slugs but theyre slow




Phew thanks for the heads up!


Needed admin privileges on a Linux machine at work the other week. Was amazed at how easy it is to boot into a terminal as root and add yourself to the sudo group.




I have a policy of only updating once the old one stops working


Hahaha, suck it cyclists!


sudo don’t upgrade your Mac OSX


Takes me about 3 months of clicking “remind me tomorrow” before I update anyway, but thanks for the heads up. I might go and set a password for root anyway as I don’t use it.

say -v fred fitter. happier. more productive.


Ok I won’t.


i have an iphone but not a mac do any of the words in the thread apply to me?


wonder if i’ll ever become a mac user
excited to find out




Macs do not get viruses.


They can do. But it’s much less likely. There have been viruses, worms, and other issues at places I’ve worked. Though not for at least ten years now.


I assumed @CHAIRMAN_LMAO was being facetious as I thought it was well known they could get viruses in unusual cases.


It’s so hard to tell sometimes… and I can be a bit thick at times.