Don't wanna make a big deal out of it, but it's Sunday

What are your plans pals?

I woke up in pain, I’ve buggered my foot up in my sleep again. Once every few months I’ll wake up like this, god knows how I do it.

Was gonna go to the park for pokemon go community day but not sure I’ll be able to now :frowning: so I’ll probably rewatch eurovision but with Graham’s commentary as we had the general stream on last night

Really just want Sunday to piss off so I can spend all of Monday reading angry reactions to the Game of Thrones finale online

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Anglos a Sunday juke

Watching Ralph Breaks the Internet then my mum is coming for a few hours so I was thinking I could sneak to the cinema but none of the films I want to see are showing until after midday when she’ll be clearing off home again. Boo.

Oh fuck I forgot about GoT tomorrow.
Don’t know if I can bear it :sob:

:notes: :notes: Frying potatoes in my boxers, I’m just frying potatoes in my boxers :notes: :notes:


Warm down there is it?


Also, they played Mazzy Star on 6music, which reminded me Mazzy Star exist, so I’m now listening to Mazzy Star and I’m having the most tranquil of times.


It’s 9:30am

I have already done 3 hours work today. I am going to be working all day, maybe into the night too

I’m supposed to have a max 65hours over on my flex account at any given time, I am already at 47hours over for this month and carrying a further 11 hours over from last month

nice relaxing Sunday

Scratch that. Eighth Grade showing at 10.45.

This is now my plan.


Anglos one and all. Got to go to work shortly and I really do not want to. Its nice out, I want to go and look at the sea and barbecue some food, not go to fucking work.

Sexiest image ever :kissing_heart: x

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Gimme some of those croquettes

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Hi Juke

I’m working 10-7 today, and it’s going to be awful

Feel like these days, the way things are with the world and all that, I’m more likely to eat a flat peach than a regularly shaped peach, or even a nectarine. Not sure if it’s just that that’s what’s to hand, having picked some up on a whim, the other day, or if there’s something more powerful at play here.

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Is it okay to have lunch for breakfast? Quite fancy a tuna sandwich with some pringles on the side


Yeah that’s fine. Live your life Juke, to hell with society’s rules!


Thank you

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There’re three people in this house, yet four of Linda’s sausages left in the open box of Linda’s sausages.

  • Leave one for next time, it’ll be fine on its own, it’s just a sausage
  • Cook all four, host some kind of ultimate battle, the winner of which bathes in the glory of an extra sausage
  • Slice 'em threeways
  • A sauce of fibre
  • What have I told you about dropping the pea option?
  • Mmmmmm! Pea protein.

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Go out and buy more sausages


Good morning, mates!
I’ve had a lovely weekend. Just snuggling with my pal who’s visiting to celebrate our 5 year friendaversary. Don’t wanna leave my bed but excited about those potatoes @avery is cooking us :yum:

No idea what’s for Sunday Dinner yet… There was talk of a veggie lasagna earlier in the week… But we also had a craving for boulangerie potatoes… I also like curry…hmmmmm. Life is delicious! :hugs:

Have a wonderful day, everyone x


We’ve already got 2 more packs in that there freezer.

Superfluous information alert: i couldn’t decide which flavour to buy when i went to Tezwowows on Friday evening, so i bought the lot and felt really powerful doing so.

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