Don't wanna make a big deal out of it, but it's Sunday

Hey Japes et all.

Today I’ve been watching films in bed mostly. Waiting for the washing to dry and will probably go for a run in the park across the road in a bit.

:smirk:Hehe extra sausage hehe :yum:

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I love that this is the first time I’ve seen you put this before one of your posts :wink:




Managed to completely boycott the Eurovision

only just noticed in the morning papers that Sweden’s entry lost and yet a swede won

this country gets so nationalistic when it comes to competitive singing

I have Monday and Tuesday off though so sliver clouds and all that




:+1:t3: I’m going to meet my brother and his gf for a great big breakfast and catch up before getting on the train home
:-1:t3: I wish I had another couple of days here and am feeling a little bit sad about leaving London

Cook four and give yourself the extra one as Chef’s Privilege.


Hypothetically speaking, of course, say you’ve been asked by that gnome, to add cheese to the beans…

  • That’s entirely inappropriate at this time of the day
  • Bakedy beanos ooooh and add cheese
  • Troll the living bejebudus out of her by using the scorpion chilli cheese

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Morning all!

I’m marinating a piece of pork in Thai curry paste at some point so it’ll be tasty later.

I’ve got a job application to complete at some point before Friday.

We might get a chance to watch a film about white nationalism later, but also might just watch a load of Gotham on Netflix.

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Love ya Jukeyboy. :kissing_heart:

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As usual, the one armed frog talks a lot of sense.


Not expecting to leave my bed for another couple of hours

No plans for today, might cook something. Might not.

Was also expecting more Twitter fallout from FA League allocations. Aside from our considered Scottish branch, been alright. I expect our Facebook accounts have seen similarly restrained and considered reactions.

Get another pack out the freezer and then you can all have three

Caught the gf’s cold so am obviously FURIOUS with her.

Going back to bed once I’ve made my coffee.

Morning dis. My head feels like it deserves to be in a large receptacle named bin.

I’m just wolfed down a coffee and some Aldi salted caramel chocolates because I am an adult and I can have whatever I want for my breakfast. Talking of Aldi I think I need to make a trip towards it later on today but that’s later on today. for now and the foreseeable future this girl is not leaving her bed.

Cheryl Baker said she doesn’t like pizza. She’s gone massively down in my estimations.

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Anglos a Sunday DiS

Just having some family time watching Finding Nemo, then it’s Jimbo’s swimming lesson. Then it’ll be time for lunch, and then the second of roughly a thousand fourth birthday parties over the next couple of months.

It’s also the Mini run today, so I might try and pop down to the sea front to reminisce about the Minis I used to drive. Sigh.

I’ll level with you, we’re all struggling with 1.3 sausages. There’s already a breather being taken on the other sofa.

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