Don't waste your time on me, you're already a voice in




Can’t tell if he’s unimpressed or if he’s practicing before he gives the dog a nice stroke.


It is a lovely fluffy dog, so I’m leaning towards the latter.

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Is this dog called a Sidema Head?

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Nearly - it’s a samoyed.

This terrible joke had been brewing in my head for a while and this was the only place I could put it. I’m sorry, I’m trying to delete it


you should have made him work it out

Don’t delete it it’s funny! Also having to work for jokes makes them funnier to me, I sat looking at that big floof for a good 10 seconds and then I started laughing because it clicked

Haven’t seen Craig Charles in a while

I’m just joshing, it was a Dril reference. Everyone on here likes them, right?

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There’s some documented evidence that opinion is split

Maybe they should do a poll. Wait, do people like polls? If only there were some way we could collect that information.

There’s some documented evidence that opinion on polls is split

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We’re gonna rock down to Electric

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electric dog


His name is Sparky he is a good boy

Impossible to work out dog breeds. They all have stupid names!

This breed is actually called a “cloud dog” according to my daughter and it’s clearly a better name.

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quite like that you asked your daughter to explain a DiS pun

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Ha, no I just know that’s what she calls them. They’re popular round here

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that’s neilyoung’s dog!