Doors/locks you have to jiggle

Annoying arent they? Locked out of work coz the keys i have dont seem to work. Pretty sure theyre the right ones but nothing doing.

Any annoying doors in your life?

Both of our doors to get into the flat are a pain in the arse. The landlord claims that their stickiness/general shitness is “a security feature”


The door into my garage is like that. Sometimes I just have to stand there for a few minutes and breath deeply before trying again.

Front door doesn’t close unless you actually lift it into place though, so garage door is only number two on the worst doors in my house list.

Wow :smiley:

We have new doors and windows in our place, so in theory, there shouldn’t be any that need jiggling.

However, the patio door seems to move in the heat (it’s anthracite-coloured, so expands and contracts more than a normal white door), and you have to do this thing where you push the two panels apart before the final catch slides in.

Annoying, and not very interesting to read about.

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Turns out it was the wrong key. Sorry everyone :disappointed:


My front door is like this. You have to slightly push it in, gently, gently, shoogle it and twist it until you get the right position and then PUSH! Wooo.

go on then, i’ll bite. what’s a shoogling?

My keys to Clive’s old flat was like that. My theory is that the key cutting place didn’t do a very good job with the new key that was made for me. (Which I still have… Oops. Wonder if the new occupants have any valuables?)

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shoogle in British

(ˈʃʊɡəl ) or shoogie (ˈʃʊɡiː) dialect, mainly Scottish


to shake, sway, or rock back and forth


a rocking motion; shake


no need to shout!!! might start writing all of my posts like this tbh

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Yeah my front door back in Wales. It’s from about 1952 and is comprised mainly of stained glass panels, so the wood edges shake like a motherfucker.

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Haha, sorry.

I guess it’s a better way of saying “jiggle” I suggest you start using it.

“Give it a wee shoogle” this is a very handy thing to say.


sounds very scottish but next time the opportunity arises i will give it a bash

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how long’s it take you to get in?

Sober maybe two or three shakes. Drunk about half an hour.


Don’t mean to derail the thread but whilst I remember… Bosie! or maybe bosey? It means hug :blush: my aberdeen friend used to say it. I enjoy the word very much.

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Okay so my parents house, the back door key is MASSIVE a bit like the one above, but less ye olde and it’s a bastard to try and unlock when you’re pished, which I’ve had to do many a time (I don’t have a front door key). The amount of times I’ve been found drunkenly stumbling and thumbling around with the lock :confused:


Really having to slam my front door at the moment - if I don’t it’s not possible to bolt it

This is a seasonal problem - the door seems to swell a bit when its cold and wet. The problem will go away in the spring and I can revert to not slamming it