Doritos suck

I’m finally ready to admit it. This might actually be true for all Tortillas but I have no experience of those.


I’ll still buy them though because they come in a big bag and are on offer frequently

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Inclined to agree, yeah.


Only realised frighteningly recently that ‘Cool Original’ aren’t just completely plain ones, they’re a flavour in their own right. And probably the best ones.

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I hold your opinion in high esteem sir. But on this, no.

Absolutely not.


the cheese ones are complete boke

Yeah, that’s cool ranch in other places

I quite like them. Very tasty. Absutely no need to have dips with them though. That’s what the massive cheapo bags of lightly salted are for.


Doritos are insanely expensive for what they are. M&S tortilla chips are £1 and really really good


Sainos basics tortilla chips are cheap as and really really good

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Doritos chilli is a top 3 crisp for me ever fwiw

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I might check these out next time

that’s what had yesterday after a cheese and jalapeno toasted bagel and it was a huge disappointment

Not if you’re Homer Simpson, they’re his favourite

just had a little bowl of Doritos Paprika and Sour Cream mixed

I live to be THAT GUY, but the plain ones are a great and terrific vehicle for fresh dips and such. Some of the flavoured ones are nice enough, but they can suffer from syntheticness.

Why the fuck is their original flavour ‘cool ranch’? Neither cool, nor ranch.

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It’s actually cool original

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I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, Lime Doritos are easily the best crisps available