Dorky things you did on the internet when younger


-proper myspaced it up. Including bulletins for pic comment 4 pic comment
-on msn when about 11/12 used to say ‘nuttin’’ insyead of nothing
-went on habbo hotel
-had my own signature on a wrestling forum with a pic of Essa Rios


Take posted on as a Shay




Wrote ‘rants’ when I was feeling particularly angsty

EDIT: Never wrote ‘Rant over’ at the end, however.


Went on Neopets when I could have been out playing in the sunshine.


Séamus John James “Shay” Given is an Irish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Stoke City. Having surpassed the total of 100 caps required for membership, he is part of the FIFA Century Club.


in terms of hours, nothing will ever come close to DiS


oh god I had a Neopets!


Alien Adoption Agency


  • had a deviantart page with my poems on it
  • was paid to play video games
  • signed up for an account on


Said “brb”.

In this modern age, nobody will “brb”. We are never away.

Also used to sign off with “cya”. I was potentially awful.

The best thing I used the internet for was to play Airfix Dogfighter with my mate who lived across the street.


I made digimon fansites




g2g, brb


Created an emo dreamboat called Dylan and catfished a bunch of girls on Myspace.


Nearly wee’d myself with excitement the first time I chatted to a random girl on ICQ


Also was just a general arsehole on a guitar tabs forum. I haven’t changed that much really.




Yes :sweat: