Double breasted suit jacket


So I’m giving strong consideration to buying one of these, what’s the general consensus?!:

  • Smart look, go for it man
  • Ahaha fuck Jacob Rees-twat ya Tory c**t
  • Couldn’t give a shit pal

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A bit Prince Charles. Also, unless you’re really skinny, they make you look really broad and fat. (If you’re skinny you just look like a cosplaying dandy).


They don’t suit me in the slightest and as such I’m not a fan, up there with 3 buttoned blazers imo.

You’re tall though innit so it’ll probably suit you more! You got a link?


( . Y . )


Not for me. I don’t personally like them and I wouldn’t be able to pull one off (steady) anyway.


I can see you in it propping up the bar at the golf club


The one thing you have in your favour is that you probably have more chance than most of pulling it off


If anyone can pull it off its you!

Go for it!



windsor-in-blue isn’t a good start m9 :wink:

I can get behind that! A skinny fit will help.


Haha no it is not :blush:


i think that bucks the current trend of shit looking double breasted jackets by not looking shit. fair play



you’ll look like alan partridge visiting a stately home


Single is fine, clearly


I imagine that Lopes does actually walk like this after a few sherbets




This, without knowing anything about you, @Lo-Pan, was sadly my first thought too. At least it doesn’t have a crest. Or, maybe, it would be better WITH a crest? Just embrace it fully?


do not


( . Y . Y . Y . )