Double carbs



What’s your favourite double carb option?


two beers


Lasagne sandwich


Was going to say Newcastle Brown & pack of dry roasted nuts


chip butty


Hash brown cob


hate them. Double wrong


lasagna and chips

get some garlic bread on that plate and go triple maybe


i read a statham interview a couple of years back where it was attempting to be all very po faced and serious and they asked him about his strict diet.

“christ erm - basically it was two hours at the gym and then ten pints and a kebab to be honest?”

the dream


Does having potato in a curry that you have with rice/bread count? If so, then that.


Chilli or curry with half-rice, half-chips


or just curry plus rice plus naan


So is half rice / half chips definitely a thing then?


Chip butty


Rice, Naan, Saag Aloo, Aloo Gobi


^Correct answer

Warburtons thick white white sliced loaf


No double carbs before double marbs




Macaroni cheese pie


It’s two half carbs = 1 carb, by definition, surely?