Double carbs

The bread was stale IIRC.

Fair point.

The only acceptable fish finger sanger, imho, is on fresh white bread, with salad cream.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

spag bol & garlic bread

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This is a fave of mine.

Nah mate, tomato ketchup all the way.


If you’re in Leeds or Manchester at some point, Bundobust do a great one!

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Lasagne, garlic bread and chips. TRIPLE.

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I don’t really know what counts as carbs but from reading this it sounds like bread stuff and rice stuff might count. If so naan and rice with a curry or an @ericthefourth from Chilango’s or similar due to the rice/wrap combo?

when a roast comes with roasties AND mash - absolute bullshit

Nah it’s great

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Meat sandwich with a moist-maker

Just had saag aloo on a jacket potato. :kissing::ok_hand:

Someone always has to take it too far.

no regrets

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the kids made their own fish and chips for tea last night (as I was at the pub after work) and the little swines didn’t leave enough oven chips for me - so I had a chip butty (alongside my battered cod and a whole can of mushy peas)

was A1

Like that it’s served on a slate

Ooft didn’t even clock that! It makes a bread roll with a pie, chips and mushy peas in it with a side of gravy boat much, much classier.

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