Double carbs

If you’re in Leeds or Manchester at some point, Bundobust do a great one!

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Lasagne, garlic bread and chips. TRIPLE.

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I don’t really know what counts as carbs but from reading this it sounds like bread stuff and rice stuff might count. If so naan and rice with a curry or an @ericthefourth from Chilango’s or similar due to the rice/wrap combo?

when a roast comes with roasties AND mash - absolute bullshit

Nah it’s great

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Meat sandwich with a moist-maker

Just had saag aloo on a jacket potato. :kissing::ok_hand:

Someone always has to take it too far.

no regrets

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the kids made their own fish and chips for tea last night (as I was at the pub after work) and the little swines didn’t leave enough oven chips for me - so I had a chip butty (alongside my battered cod and a whole can of mushy peas)

was A1

Like that it’s served on a slate

Ooft didn’t even clock that! It makes a bread roll with a pie, chips and mushy peas in it with a side of gravy boat much, much classier.

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