Double Decker Things




  • Top Deck
  • Bottom Deck
  • That shit bit near the doors

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Is there any other answer to this poll apart from top deck??




double decker bars

  • yes
  • no

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Double Decker Buses

  • Top deck
  • Bottom Deck
  • Stand near the doors getting in everyone’s way

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  • boris becker
  • tim heidecker
  • rick deckard

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Desmond Decker

  • Israelites
  • Vitalite

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Double decker coaches

  • Top Deck
  • I want to be luggage

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there are double decker trains?? i am an infrequent train user and this has passed me by


Not in the UK, but they want them here.


Top deck motherfuckers


*ears are alight


Can you have a word with someone about the Intercity service being faster than the Sprinter service, please? That has caught me out literally… twice now.


If it falls over, I reckon you’re safer on the bottom deck.

However, front seat top deck and you can pretend you’re the driver.


What’s the difference between an Intercity and a Sprinter? Not a joke, I genuinely didn’t know they were standardised terms.


The Intercity has less stops and so is faster.

The Sprinter is ironically named.


Yeah, that’s just silly. Call the Sprinter the ‘Local Boi’ or something


Or ‘Stoppenen’


Michael Raedecker

  • Double Anter
  • Double Decer

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