double ovens

Just found out that the new thing in kitchens is having two ovens. Absolutely ridiculous

How many ovens do you have, not microwaves

  • one
  • two
  • multiple
  • not on oven book

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Can never buy a house if this is where we’re at

microwave oven…?

No two actual ovens

Not fussed on a double oven, but a pyrolase bad-boy is a life changer (don’t have one at the moment)

I’d like a double oven, tbqfh


What the scientists need to do is get their heads together and solve the fact that oven chips need to be 220 but turkey dinosaurs are 180. Solve that and the need for double ovens disappears.


Was it Ed Milliband who got stick for this?

Or one of the weird Lib Dem’s? Cant remember

I call them dovens

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i mean… christmas… maybe youd double up… but the other 364 days of the year :confused:
its counter space I need more of. and cupboard space for stuff. just a bigger kitchen really :upside_down_face:

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My partner’s dad has 3!

Completely lost my shit on a teams call about this


Someone on here once said “double oven, havin’ a blast” and I think about it literally every time I use my (double) oven.


I have three, one of which can also be a microwave.

Best thing we own is a Rangemaster cooker with two ovens - my pride and joy

Do you use them to cook loads of pizzas and some microwave fries? That’s what I’d use them for

Been looking at a lot of houses in the Netherlands recently, and one thing that takes a bit of getting used to is just how tiny Dutch kitchens tend to be. Thing is though, some of them inexplicably feel the need to also buy a double oven. Absolutely baffling seeing one in a kitchen where it’s taking up 1/3rd of the kitchen space.

Our oven has a top oven and a bottom oven, but it’s not the same as having two ovens. I have seen two ovens living side by side in the wild (someone’s kitchen) and am envious.

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I want

if I could settle down


I’ve got a double oven (and a massive fridge), one main oven with a little oven above it.

I have never used the smaller oven and have no plans to do so.