double ovens

Do not believe and oven that can be a microwave is as good as an oven that’s just an oven.

I wished I had double oven in my old house

I was making meals for 10 people, so would have been very useful

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New thing?


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Think the top grill bit of our cooker can also be an oven but I’ve never opened it.

Fucksake this doesn’t even fit.

Have a double oven. Love it. Couldn’t go back to one I don’t think

Double Dutch
Dutch Ovens

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Why apart from christmas day?

out on tour with smashing pumpkings
nature kids i-they dont have no function
I don’t understand what they mean
and I could really give a


any large meal or roast dinner it’s nice to have a second oven, even if it’s just for keeping things warm.

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By the way by double oven i mean two ovens side by side, a bigger oven is not a double oven it is a bigger oven.


Cheating cooking, get ya. Just get your timings right.

Can’t believe i forgot to make the poll public.

you can never have too many ovens imo

check out Lord Jont III and his fucking villamansion kitchen appointments


all the cupboards are ovens too


I have two: one oven/grill/microwave, one oven/grill. Performance of either as an oven is identical.


Is an oven that has a bottom fan oven and a top grill/convection oven as one unit a double oven? Because that’s what we’ve got (standard rental property Zanussi crew represent)

you should start a thread on it…

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