double ovens

my wifes sister has this x 2 like 2 of these next to each other

Man, I’d love to fuck in front of them.


No they’re allowed

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You had a teams call to discuss double ovens?


No someone brought up they were getting a double oven as we were chatting at the end of the call and i said it was ridiculous. They said it was getting standard for new kitchens. I said that’s why i’m never buying a house as i could never be that boring.
I then typed the thread out while they explained why they needed a double oven. They don’t


I mean, I get that double ovens are ostentatious, but boring?

I think not.

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I’m seeing double here, four ovens!

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Buddy, they won’t even let me fuck in front of them


Nobody in the history of time has said “Interesting ovens you’ve got there pal”

Tell you what’s annoying. Trying to exactly synchronise the clocks


Interesting ovens you’ve got there pal

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Thanks pal



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Can’t wait for the electricity price rises so that you start rationing yourselves to using one oven

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Double the oven, twice the preheating. That’s what my dad used to say.

We have an undercounter double oven. Bottom one is a fan oven, top one is a grill/oven.

Is that what you mean?

The house had a double oven when we bought it. Got rid when we did the kitchen don’t miss it.

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I think that’s actually alright, if they both fit under a hob that’s fine, it’s like an old school gas oven/grill combo.

@jont2001 's one and side by side ones are the ones i’m specifically against

This guy gets it.

It’s the new smashing up looms. Get on it


But I NEED the second oven otherwise I’ve got nowhere to put the grill.