Double snack Thursday afternoon banal

Got a bowl of bombay mix and a vegan biscoff doughnut here

I’ve had 5 rounds of toast today

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Just had 8 (eight) Biscoffs.

Can’t think of a better way to spend 30 quid tbf

A simple single white chocolate twix

Might have a malt loaf.

Is that a young Tony Cottee?

‘snack’ is the informal Swedish word for chat ie banal conversation

‘att snackar’ - the verb ‘to chat’
‘skitsnack’ - ‘bullshit’ - literally ‘shit chat’

thank you for coming to my TED talk

It’s the inventor of the Biscoff, Eric Biscoff

just had a skyr

the unoriginal easy E himself

I just followed up a bowl of salted peanuts and plain almonds with some roasted and salted corn. Still hungry imo.

Confined to my room so no snacks. Probably no dinner either the way things are looking.

Are tetra packs of Bozita big in the Swede? My cats have been working their way through zooplus’s menu and seem to have settled on this… Which is good as its really expensive.

I have had some chocolate dipped stuffed dates (one stuffed with biscoff spread and one with salt on top stuffed with caramel) 10/10 snack

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does beer count

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Our cat is not into the Bozita, she’s an Orijen fan

they’re both about equally popular over here I’d say