Double toilet rolls

Bollocks. Absolutely shite. Fuck off.

Something like this?

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I like them, they seem to need replacing less often.

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Double length?

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After you’ve used them.


Didn’t realise I was blocked by so many people!

Double or even triple ply for me please Clive

What about the ones that don’t have a cardboard tube in them


What about if you have two assess?

You have to get your underwear specially made

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Not roll, but reminded me of going to the toilets in a restaurant in Russia and there were two toilets in the room which were opposite each other.

No idea what this is

Is it an innovation that you get with your Charmin and Andrex that is yet to filter down to the budget brands I use?

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Tesco do longer rolls now. 6 instead of 9 so not double length but they’re heading in the right direction.

They’re good and I like them

Sounds good. We need to hear more from @escutcheon

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Probably gonna have to wait a few years until these reach the outskirts of Cornwall, tbf:

A public toilet speaks


I’m not a millionaire, sorry.

Oh now someone answers