double yolk eggs

Do you soft boil them for longer or shorter than single yolkers?

Say you want maximally runny yolk, right, so you’d do a normal egg for 3-4 mins depending on size. But if you’ve got extra yolk do you want to cook it longer to increase the tension in the egg white (for intact peeling)? Or does yolk cook faster so you cook it for less time?

Anyway this is a thought experiment because how would you ever know? (Boxes of double yolkers don’t exist in my mind, they ruin the sense of accomplishment and wonder of getting a doubler.)

Double yolkers are heavier

  • Never had a double yolker
  • I’ve cracked one double yolker
  • Get them all the time #blessed

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You’ve not answered my question here Beefy

Haven’t had one in a couple of years but would say I’ve cracked somewhere between 6 and 8 doublies in my time. I’ll pick #blessed

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Had a box of eggs last year that I swear down had at least 3 double yolkers in it

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I’m very happy for you, Tuna.

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That is just not fair

Would you soft boil a double yolker for less time, the same time, or longer than a similarly sized single yolker please Gnomey?

They’ll be from the same chicken. Some chickens are predisposed to lay double yokers (I know from experience). It’s like how twins run in the family (wild hypothesis).


I read once that the egg people have machines that scan for double yolkers and remove them from the regular boxes of eggs. So my working theory is the machine was broken

So you think the double boxes are to blame for my very anecdotal drop of doubly yolks in the past couple of years? It’s so obvious!

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How do you know it’s a double yolker?

  1. I’ve never even had a double yolker and I thought they were rare like 4 leaf clover (have seen) or a bag of salt n shake with two sachets of salt. (also have seen)
  2. Both yolks are obscured by a shell. Maybe you hold it up to the light? idk

How much does an egg weigh?

  • 157g
  • 159g
  • 165g
  • 170g
  • Double yolkers are heavier
  • I wish easter eggs were solid
  • “Do me a solid…easter egg that is”, I’d say.
  • I wish easter eggs were double yolkers as they’d be heavier
  • 177g
  • 182g
  • 227g

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I don’t understand the poll.

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I’d like to add peas


I only went and forgot to ask a question😖

I fixed that for you now.

More egg chat you say???

Look at these… eggs