Doves 2020 Thread (Previously "A Nostalgic Reappraisal")

On a drive home from work yesterday my colleague and I happened on the fact that we both were massive fans of Doves. And it meant that obviously as soon as I got home I popped their albums on.

And boy to they stack up.

Wonder if they’ll ever come back. Can’t believe that Kingdom of Rust was eight years ago; could’ve sworn it was a 2014 release!


I listen to Lost Souls still, pretty regularly. If I ever got round to listing my top 50 favourite all-time songs, the Cedar Room would probably feature


Peaked with this


Could never get into Some Cities for some reason but I really like all their other albums.


Can we do Puressence too?


Last Broadcast is still a great album, diminishing returns after that, but still some wonderful records.

Great band

Managed by Rob Gretton until he passed away in 99, it kind of feels like the Cedar Room was the last link between Factory Records/Hacienda era Manchester and that debut album really does have that haunting nostalgic feel to it.


I never got on with Kingdom of Rust but the others are great. I know Some Cities got middling reviews at the time but I listened the other day and it’s held up well.

Obviously the Last Broadcast was the best. That was my go to, erm, “staying up all night at home” record for a loooooong time. Took me years to realise there’s basically a King Crimson cover in the middle of it.

Managed to see them twice, once at Hammersmith Palais and once supporting Oasis at Wembley Stadium… from the sublime to the ridiculous… great band

one of my all time favourite bands

all their albums are great

Kingdom of Rust is mega


i also strongly recommend the Black Rivers album the brothers from the band did

Love 'em. The first two records are stellar and I always forgot how good Kingdom of Rust is until I whack it on. Of course there are loads of great tracks on Some Cities as well.

I went to see them at Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone on their last tour as Troxy was an +18 gig - ended up missing the last train home and had to be picked up from Dover, gr8 laughs were had by all.

As Yuggy says The Black Rivers debut was great by the two Williams brothers, Jimi Goodwin’s solo effort was a bit hit and miss.

All three of them are not the best with social media but I think there’s a second Black Rivers record in the works?

They’re only on hiatus rather than splitting up so fingers crossed they return one day.

they are one of the few bands who i’d travel up from Cornwall to see live in a heartbeat

speaks volumes about how bland my taste in music is though

It’d make my top ten. That whole album reminds me of being 17. Simpler times.

I somehow didn’t discover them until this year (aside from remembering a four second clip of “Catch the Sun” on MTV2 or something), and I immediately became a fan.

Lost Souls is good, but its ending sequence is absolutely phenomenal. “Cedar Room” is spectacular.

Last Broadcast is perfect start to finish and pretty magical. It’s a perfect driving around in winter with the windows down album, and I’m always taken aback by how “Words” always sounds so massive and layered. And “Satellites” and “Caught by the River”, not even sure what to say about those that will do them justice. Amazing album.

Still need to keep moving forward with the rest of the albums.


It seemed like they were on BBC2’s Glastonbury coverage literally every year without fail at one point. They had a few absolutely great tunes, but not sure how big they’d be if they came back again. I think most people just need to be reminded how many excellent songs they’ve got.

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Was never sold on Kingdom of Rust, but love the other three. Would be very happy to see them back.

Absolutely fantastic band. Miss them a bit tbf


(I secretly listen to Doves sometimes)


I loved and still love Doves. Caught by the River, Pounding (yes, even that), Cedar Room, New York etc are all superb songs that a lot of bands would be privileged to have in their back catalogue.

I’d be a huge mark for a retrospective tour.