Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal


Excellent news. I love this band and never got to see them live.

I have to say though, I revisited The Last Broadcast recently and found it very weak. I think it’s all the faux-gospel choir shit on things like Satellites.


Really liked the Doves on record, but both times I saw them live were fairly shite- their Royal Festival Hall gig, in particular, is definitely the most expensive gig I’ve ever considered walking out of.


They were so good live. Make sure you try and catch them this time around… Would say that The Last Broadcast is probably the weakest album for me. But then it has New York and Caught by the River which are both bloody brilliant…


Sure they could sell out the Apollo in Manchester easily.
Glad to see them back, although I felt they packed it in at the right time, the albums got progressively weaker for me, but some great live shows throughout.


See I really rate Kingdom of Rust. Have high hopes for any new material…


Fair enough. It had some good stuff on there but I felt they were repeating themselves at the time. The track ‘Kingdom of Rust’ is a cracker though I agree.


Miss them loads so I hope they are back with a tour at least… even if it’s a victory lap anniversary one.


Kingdom of Rust was the one that got me into them. Came out when I was 17 while on holiday and I absolutely rinsed it. I like Some Cities too.

Used to think Last Broadcast was their best, and yeah, Caught by the River is brilliant. I just find the ‘sweet lorrrrrd’ shit so jarring.


Cedar Room is easily one of my all time favourite songs.


‘Lost Souls’ is an amazing album and has a wonderful all-pervading melancholy mood to it. Special mention for ‘Hit The Ground Running’, which was a great b-side to ‘There Goes The Fear’.


Darker is another great B-Side


And was also Werewolves Of London if I remember right


Lost Souls <3

Diminishing returns after that, for me. But that debut is a stunner.


Haha, yeah, the piano riff was indeed a blatant steal from Werewolves of London.


Yep. Lost souls is an absolute cracker. You can sort of hear the change from the later Sub Sub recordings to how they developed into Doves in a few of the songs. Firesuite being one. I think it was on the Delta Tapes (which was the last Sub Sub recordings before their studio burned down)


EXCITED. Last and only time I saw them in 2009, I had to leave before the encore to catch the last train home (which I of course missed).


I always thought that this

sounded very much like the second half of this

No idea what one came first so I’m not accusing anybody of a rip off, but can anyone else hear it?


We should… Really love Puressence… Doves were okay…


Are you all mad? Last Broadcast is their finest album and one of the finest albums ever. It was our album to put on at the end of a big night as the sun came up, back in the day