Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal



Gotta be tour dates at least with the old flight case tease you’d have thunk.


I’m putting money on the tour being an album playback show…


Heard internet rumours it’s a tour early next year and album to follow later in 2019. Which could all be made up, of course…
Either way, excited to see what Monday brings. Have always loved this band, especially that debut


i didn’t really like Kingdom of Rust. first two albums are ace though


i dunno about Some Cities. without the sprawl of the earlier albums they do start to sound like Elbow a bit


in what way was it bad?




What did we make of the solo projects? Enjoyed the Black Rivers album even if was more or less the same Doves formula. Jimi’s solo record was a bit flat bar a couple of songs.


Basically agree with that. Couldn’t get into Jimi’s At all. Single was so so and the rest was uninspiring to me.
Black Rivers had some really fun tunes on it


I like the Foo Fighters intro to Catch The Sun.


I love Doves. I never fully got into Kingdom of Rust but I think that’s me more than them and what I was into at the time.

Lost Souls holds a special place. I’m from Manchester, I was at uni there when it came out, and I miss it now I don’t live there. Lost Souls absolutely captures the feeling of Manchester at night, the loneliness of wandering around the city. I feel like I’m walking from UMIST, to the bus stop on Oxford Rd, and getting the bus back to Fallowfield late on my own. It has so much atmosphere.


Oh, and I’ll never forget that rainy muddy early afternoon slot at Leeds when I first heard them. I didn’t think much of them but my older brother and his muso mates instantly fell in love and wouldn’t shut up about them. They all went home and bought Lost Souls. Gradually over a few months I got it, but I was so young.

They had the ear. When you start to watch bands you haven’t heard before and listen properly. When you overlook the weather, the early slot, the bad sound, and listen to the band instead.


I’ve not tried but you could probably make a really decent Doves album between the two, I remember really liking Jimi’s set at Glastonbury that year on the park stage just before the thunder storms kicked off.


I would probably have to agree that on the face of it that the Last Broadcast is the better album but the claustrophobic and more introverted feel, and above mentioned emotional tie in, make Lost Souls my favourite


Heard they are announcing some gigs on Monday, not sure about new stuff.


Well, that’s put my head back in a certain place. I lived in Owens Park* from 1991-3 and Oak House from 1994-5.

  • fact of the day - Brett Anderson briefly lived there.


I was in Oak House in 1999. Shared houses around Fallowfield and Rusholme after that.


Oak House 1992-3 for me, and Richmond Park 94-5.


Royal Albert Hall. 29th March. Teenage Cancer Trust.