Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal


Hopefully some warm up dates too.


They didn’t look like they wanted to be there at all, and the sound was abysmal- drums were so high in the mix you could barely hear anything else.


Playing Royal Albert Hall as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs next March.

More announcements to follow, apparently…


Doves felt part of the fabric of Manchester in the early 00s - saw them live quite a few times during that period as well as round about the City at gigs etc. I remember looking out of a bus window one afternoon and seeing Jimi walking through Rusholme. Was surreal seeing one of my musical heroes at the time just out and about in the same places as I was.

Mrs Z is also a big fan of Doves, and one of her friends has been involved in this recent development. There’s been a bit of a buzz round ours this weekend.


Also supporting Noel Gallagher at Heaton Park next June. Urgh.


The Courteeners are also playing a headline slot at Heaton Park next year…how is this possible?!


Yeah I saw that. Utterly baffling.


They’re weirdly popular in Glasgow and who knows were else. People will travel to ‘ave it.


They do a lot Mancs love them


They’re playing the bigger Heaton Park set-up too, having sold out the smaller one previously. “We” love 'em here.


Jez on Radio X now - says he going to hustle for a couple of warm ups pre Albert Hall. Rehearsing at the moment near Worcester, old stuff - said ‘interesting question’ when asked about new material.


Jimi was on 6music earlier. He seemed a bit more positive about new material. Said they’d discussed it and essentially were all up for it if they were enjoying themselves. Said they didn’t care about chasing money. Also said he had loads of stuff he’d written over the years and there were a few old Doves songs that weren’t finished as well. Really hope they record something…


There never normally is one for TCT gigs but has anyone spotted a pre-sale for the Royal Albert Hall concert? Anderson Paak tickets go on sale as the same time…


Is it uncool to like Doves or something? They’re better than The fucking National.


I like em both


It does seem to come across as a guilty pleasure at least.


Love them and couldn’t give a fuck whether it’s cool or not.


RAH sold out in a couple of minutes. Thankfully got a couple of seats. Melody Calls.


Holding out for a mini warm up tour


I managed to get a RAH ticket (arena standing) at 9:35. It’s always worth refreshing constantly during the hour after tickets go on sale because you’ll always get tickets dropping out of people’s baskets.