Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal


Dammit, really would have loved to have seen them.


@Huggy_Bear there are still a few tickets appearing on the RAH website. Just got two up in the gods about 5 mins ago…


ooh nice one thanks


More gigs soon sounds hopeful, might just hold out for these.


Good news. Had a few gigging trips to London recently so can’t afford it at moment. Surely (their own)
Manchester is nailed on.


I enjoy all their records other than Some Cities, although I recall dismissing it after maybe 2 or 3 times listening.

I feel lucky to have seen them live once in Minneapolis on the Kingdom of Rust tour.

I never heard Black Rivers. Any good?


The first record has one of the great openings. Those four tracks lock together flawlessly.

I never liked the second album and just sort of gave up on them after it.


Black Rivers album was great. It stands up well a few years on.

Here’s the DiS review:


Firesuite is just all time.

I dismissed Some Cities after a few listens but have since gone back to it and there’s loads there to love.


Absolutely love Some Cities


Playing Bearded Theory festival in May!


down as second from top on the Sunday. Warming up for Stevie van Zandt…


Anyone mention Darker yet? It’s probably my favourite song of theirs


Worthing reading anything into this one?


Just a photo from the rehearsal room I think. Don’t think the time means anything.


I disagree. I think it means they’ve sorted out a 14 minute long version of The Cedar Room to blow everyone away.


One of my all time favourite bands. So glad they’re coming back.

Obligatory ranking of albums…

The Last Broadcast > Lost Souls > Black Rivers > Kingdom of Rust > Some Cities > Odludek

I pretty adore all of them apart from Jimi’s solo effort. Bit too slapdash for my tastes, although there are some prize songs on it like Ghost of the Empties. Anyone who considers themselves a Doves fan owes it to themselves to check out Black Rivers though. That’s pretty much a Doves album through and through, just without any involvement from Jimi.


Saw they posted some of their rehearsals on Instagram so I thought I’d check if there were any tickets still going on the RAH official site and just managed to snag two stall tickets :smiley::smiley::smiley: may be worth checking to see if any others are left.


yep there are tickets being released quite regularly apparently.