Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal


Dammit, really would have loved to have seen them.


@Huggy_Bear there are still a few tickets appearing on the RAH website. Just got two up in the gods about 5 mins ago…


ooh nice one thanks


More gigs soon sounds hopeful, might just hold out for these.


Good news. Had a few gigging trips to London recently so can’t afford it at moment. Surely (their own)
Manchester is nailed on.


I enjoy all their records other than Some Cities, although I recall dismissing it after maybe 2 or 3 times listening.

I feel lucky to have seen them live once in Minneapolis on the Kingdom of Rust tour.

I never heard Black Rivers. Any good?


The first record has one of the great openings. Those four tracks lock together flawlessly.

I never liked the second album and just sort of gave up on them after it.


Black Rivers album was great. It stands up well a few years on.

Here’s the DiS review:


Firesuite is just all time.

I dismissed Some Cities after a few listens but have since gone back to it and there’s loads there to love.


Absolutely love Some Cities