Doves: A Nostalgic Reappraisal

Don’t think you’ll Catch the Sun?


Look, the weather forecast might say The Storm is coming, but ultimately it’s just Words based on pictures from the Satellites.

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I’m tempted to carry on, but I’ll leave you be. Hope the weather holds out and it’s a great gig

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At least it’s not winter hill


Aye. The atlantic Jetstream has made sure of that.

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It didn’t rain! Great night, great setlist, great band.


it was absolutely magic last night, they played for around 90mins and it absolutely flew in, already hearing rumours of them playing the barras next year

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Hooray! I saw them in Manchester on Friday night and it hammered down (more so after the end of their set, but even so). Not sure how long their set was - maybe around an hour?

Largely a ‘greatest hits’ set, but I’ve just remembered they managed to fit in a gorgeous, shimmering 10.03 before closing out with the big guns.

I like this rumour! Haven’t been able to make any of this batch of dates so hopefully next time.

Barras is on my venue bucket list.

50% off tickets for Nile Rogers & Chic w/ Doves alldayer thing at Eden Project in a couple of weeks. Pretty good deal.

such a strange pairing that isn’t it.

Strangely great :smiley:

I like both, but wouldn’t have put them on the same bill. Maybe that’s why I’m not a successful promoter.

If they’re offering 50% off, evidently nor are they. I’d love to go though!

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I’d rather see Doves with Chic rather than Doves alongside The Coral and Feeder, like they’ve announced for the Brighton gig :confused:

What happened to the version of Doves who used to be Subsub and who put out great remixes? It seems that whoever the promoters are only ever knew about Doves the guitar band.

Aye the Hull gig with Idlewild is obvs vastly superior.

The whole comeback seems really odd to me; playing dodgy nostalgia festivals. Not what I expected - nor what they deserve - at all.

Maybe they’re just taking the money they’re being offered?